“We use the genetic evaluations we receive from AgSights to make herd management decisions as well as market breeding stock. Our bull and replacement heifers always top purebred sales, and I don’t understand why more people don’t have genetic evaluations for their animals after seeing our success.”Paul Ferguson, Ontario
“We started using Go360 bioTrack in 2009 after sorting our way through a computer crash. All of our herd data is now securely stored in Go360 bioTrack. The part that I really feel has a lot of value is we can customize our own Indexing system and evaluate the animals from several angles: WW, WPA, etc., all at our fingertips.

On a bigger picture it gave us the option to collude with other producers in the same field on customizing EPDs and/or Sire Indexing giving us the option to incorporate new number crunching technology as it develops!”Jerry Hofer, Lakeview Piedmontese, South Dakota

“I have used it to enter new lambs and it’s great. Love using the program! Entering lambing information as they lamb and it is excellent. I look forward to the end of the week when the indexes are updated. Like to see how my rams and ewes change and what I really have for lambs. My 11-year-old daughter even uses it.

I’ve used 3 different programs and this is by far the best one!”Ian Spence, Katian Farm Limited, Nova Scotia


“bioLinks has transformed our business by providing us the tools to track our orders in a systematic and organized way.  The user-friendly programs provide quick access to customer information and convenience to customers through the online ordering. bioLinks continually works with us to ensure the program meets the needs of our growing business. Updates are provided in a timely manner and the support team is accessible, considerate, cooperative and a very reliable.”Tim Hofer, The Meat Shop, Alberta
“I am very happy and excited using the system, as it is so user friendly.  I have been telling others about bioLinks and letting them know how affordable it is and how great the customer support is.”Paola Zagaria, Dolce Lucano, Ontario