Beef Cattle Record Keeping

Record keeping is a critical aspect of managing a beef cattle operation. Without secure records, farmers may be at a loss if their system crashes or papers get lost, making important information like health records or pedigree unavailable. With Go360 bioTrack, you can enjoy the benefits of a completely secure, maintenance-free beef cattle record keeping software system so you can stop worrying about record keeping and focus on the success of your herd.

beef cattle record keeping

How Go360 bioTrack Helps

With our beef cattle record keeping software system, filing papers, storing records and backing up your system can become things of the past. Update your records easily right from the field or barn so you don’t have to worry about losing information. With Go360 bioTrack, all of your cattle record keeping is stored on external Q9 networks, which are fully backed up and maintained. Let us worry about the IT side of things while you worry about improving the value of your herd!

With our beef cattle record keeping software system, you will gain anytime, anywhere access to important cattle information:

  • Pedigree
  • Health records
  • Genetic evaluations
  • History of location and movement
  • Accurate inventory by location
  • History of progeny performance

Track your progress from year to year and know how you measure up with other producers.

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