Livestock Enterprise Processing Management

Does your livestock processing management currently serve your business and your consumers with information integrity? Do you wonder if your bottom line profit would increase if you had a livestock processing system that supported a seamless chain of information from farm to fork? With bioLinks for your livestock processing management needs, you don’t have to wonder anymore!

livestock enterprise processing management

Livestock Processing and Bottom Line Profit

Your small to medium-sized processing plant no doubt wants to increase its bottom line profit. With bioLinks, you can increase profit while maintaining the integral principles of your industry — food safety, the continued growth of your business and promoting a way of life that may have been in your family for generations.

bioLinks is a livestock processing system here to help meat processors add value to their product in a completely affordable and unique way. Our simple technology fits right on your smartphone. By sliding your smartphone into a sled with a barcode reader, you can use your simple handheld device to link animal and premise IDs to carcasses. Connect and share relevant information such as:

  • Animal birth date and farm
  • Sire and dam
  • Carcass characteristics
  • History of health records and progeny performance

By communicating the story of your product, you can add product value while increasing consumer interest and trust. Everybody benefits!

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