Sheep Breeding and Production

Professional sheep breeding management means maintaining the health and safety of your animals while paving the way for genetic improvements that affect the scale and success of your operation. And when it comes to managing any size farm, producing the best performing animals for the least amount of overhead is a priority. That’s why an affordable, easy-to-use sheep breeding software is essential in ensuring the success and production of your farm.

sheep breeding

How Go360 bioTrack Helps

Our sheep breeding software allows operations of any size to benefit from expert breeding capabilities. By pairing rams and ewes with a history of high progeny performance, you can improve your flock and increase flock value while practicing healthy breeding generation upon generation.

  • Get weekly updated across breed genetic evaluations of every animal on the farm
  • Track the performance of each animal to make sure you always have an eye on what matters most — maintaining a high quality flock
  • Decide which females to keep and which replacement females to use
  • Select a superior herd sire for the next generation — a potential value of thousands of dollars!

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