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Why Choose AgSights

As a producer cooperative, AgSights plays a key role in bridging intelligence in the livestock industries, all with the aim of helping you make better business decisions and increase your bottom line profit. Here at AgSights, we understand that connecting the needs of farmers, producers and consumers is key to growing the farming and livestock industries while promoting the integrity of traceability and information sharing.

The AgSights Message

AgSights offers you the support, technology and methods of enhancing your management, tracking, identification and information storage needs. From there, we can help you to not only market your product, but to also tell the story of your animals.

Where It Starts

It all starts with animal identification. Our web-based systems allow information to be easily captured and securely stored. Next, we provide valuable analysis, evaluations and comparisons catered to your unique needs and preferences. Finally, our simple data sharing methods allow for a seamless flow of information across seed stock, cow calf, feedlot, packing sectors and finally straight to your consumers.

What You Get with AgSights

  • Go360 bioTrack starts right where your animals are, in the field or barn, giving farmers unique data access and analysis anytime, anywhere.
  • bioLinks connects the farm to the processing plant and finally to the consumer, telling the story of your industry.
  • Genetic Evaluations provide you with a percentile ranking for each animal based on genetic merit, giving you valuable insight as to which traits the animal will pass on to its offspring.
  • We focus on supporting each of our clients, giving you access to a highly skilled service team available for over-the-phone or email support.
  • We partner with the most cutting-edge technology producers, allowing our clients the best technological support they can get.

Learn More

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